Why use organic skin care products?

organic skin care products

organic skin care products

Why the importance of using organic skin care products? Countless magazines blogs and tutorials devote themselves to concepts of beauty. The number of products available as dizzying as are the ways to use them all. We all live bombarded by marketing claims advertisements and glorification of youth and beauty. Extreme methods to change our faces and bodies are commonplace today, from plastic surgeries, body alterations, to skin bleaching, hair dyes to deep skin peels. An organic skin care review study found there are over 10,500 chemical ingredients used in personal care products to accomplish the “goal of beauty”. We rarely know what they do and yet we buy them in the hopes of enhancing ourselves. But do they really make us any better? the unfortunate answer is that often they suddenly harm our health instead through allergic reactions, skin irritations, disruption of our hormones and even causing cell mutations and cancer in the long run.

When Frustration Cause a Healthier Approach to Beauty

When I was studying cosmetology I realized the immense amount of chemicals that we have to deal with in the beauty industry. Extremely harmful chemicals that can cause cancer. When I started working in a beauty salon I realized that many of these chemicals were causing me severe skin reactions. The ammonia in hair dyes was becoming increasingly difficult to bear. Hives appeared after using certain products. It was then that I felt anguished and frustrated because I love my profession and I did not want to leave it.
I started looking for less harmful options so I could continue doing what I like to do. After quitting my job I researched extensively how to have a healthier approach to beauty. I found a series of completely organic beauty products for hair care and organic dyes enriched with essential oils. All of them produced thinking about the personal well-being, of our clients and our planet.

That’s why I want to get conversations started about how we can put care back in personal care and love ourselves more through our health and beauty habits.

Why Should We Choose Natural and Organic Skin Care Products?

Organic skin care lines use non-toxic ingredients that work with the human body instead of against. Natural ingredients are rich in healthy vitamins,anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and lots of other good chemistry just like the healthy foods you can eat each day. Not only are these ingredients safe but they are also bioavailable, mean that our bodies know how to digest, build and heal with them. Our ancestors used herbs, plants and organic grass fed tallow for centuries and with experience in science we know which ones are the best and safest for our health. Natural and organic ingredients are effective too, organic plants have been shown to have higher levels of vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants that all help prevent aging, keeps skin hydrated and help your body make new cells that keep your skin, hair and whole body looking amazing. Natural and organic skin care products are also safe for our planet.

Going Deeper in Our Conscience About our Personal Care

Personal care product run off and goes down our drains and into our waterways. Triclosan and its lesser known cousin Trico- carbon, detergents, chemicals, and fragrances are some of the most common water contaminants that are found all commonly in personal care. When we take a shower or wash our face the product goes down the drain and into our water supply, no processes currently exist to take these chemicals back out of the water and no standards for human safety and aquatic life are currently in place. Beneficial microbial life in the water ecosystem and fish are especially affected by even low levels of contaminants. The contamination is widespread, DDT is present in significant quantities in antarctic snow and wildlife carried there by long range snowfall. We can no longer pretend like the choices that we make don’t affect the world around us. The chemicals we use in our daily lives end up in our bodies and all over the world. Unless we choose biodegradable organic skin care products we are slowly poisoning the planet and ourselves. Organic ingredients also have no pesticides on them that harm our soil and our bodies. About one billion pounds of conventional pesticides are used annually in the United States.

Consider organic skin care lines that uses better and natural ingredients than those which are used in mass-market beauty brands. The active compounds in organic skin care products like essential oils are from plants, and are just a fraction of the total material. To extract them, the botanical are put in a liquid generally water or ethanol and the active compounds are pulled out of the herb into the liquid. Unfortunately with plants that have been sprayed with pesticides, the pesticides also then become part of the extract, potentially in similar amounts as the beneficial compounds like polyphenols and other antioxidants. It often takes only a little of the beneficial compounds to provide good effects, similarly, the bad ingredients can affect you even in small quantities too as they build up in your body over time. Pesticides are known to cause thyroid and other hormonal problems, cancer and nervous system damage. Well crafted botanicals, essential oils from trusted sources and certified organic grass fed tallow avoid this risk and also keep the environment cleaner. At a bare minimum, even without penetration enhancers like propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol added to products, your skin absorbs up to ten percent of toxins applied to its surface. A 2007 study found that 60 percent of parabens can be found in the skin after eight hours indicating your skin acts as a reservoir for many chemicals. This makes your skin care the prime source of daily chemical exposure for better or for worse, it can be healthy compounds or it can be toxins, we make the choice.

It’s Time to Decide for Ourselves, It’s Time to Choose an Organic Skin Care Lifestyle

With the knowledge we can make a change and make good choices, there are many things we have forgotten about natural ways of life after decades of better living through “chemistry”. Now we need to rediscover the organic skin care ways for the health of ourselves our families and the earth. It’s time for us to have confidence that what we are using on our bodies every day is safe because we have the knowledge to judge for ourselves. It’s time for us to ask hard questions and get real answers. It’s also time to heal the relationship with ourselves and be able to see our own beauty. It’s time to love what we see when we look in the mirror no matter what. And to give ourselves love through nurturing thoughts and actions.

Skin care and beauty can be a cornerstone of a healthy relationship to self or a key example of criticism and insecurity.

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