Orlando web design agencies share their knowledge at the WordPress user group of Orlando.

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Orlando Web Design Agency

Orlando Web Design Agency

It’s incredible that being a web designer in Orlando and a WordPress user I haven’t been to a WordCamp or met with other web designers near me. Well, this year I decided all that was going to change.  Not only did I attend my first Orlando WordPress community event, but I am also scheduled to speak at the 2017 WordCamp Jacksonville!

Join or start a local WordPress users group

Two weeks ago I went to my first WordPress Meetup in Orlando and it was a great experience. The Meetup was at the Orlando CodeSchool in what I can describe as an unconventional modern space that inspires creativity.

They had two speakers, local web designer Irina Blumenfeld from the Orlando web design agency Netmagik talking about the Best practices for a faster website, and Josh Nederveld sharing on Website Content Debt.

Without knowing it I was sitting right next to Josh Nederveld and had a chance to chat with him about brand guidelines, typography and website design in general.

Meet new friends

All in all was an excellent place for networking and making new friends.  In fact, it was at the 2017 WordCamp in Jacksonville that I met one of the most amazing SEOs in Florida.  I am talking about my friend Michael L. Brown Jr.  If you are interested in learning more about SEO and topics like “How does Google make Money“, you should visit his site at megamikejr.com.

It was great to see how Orlando website design agencies can come together to share their knowledge on how to use WordPress with users at all levels. I’m really looking forward to the next meeting.

For more information about the WordPress user group in Orlando please visit https://wporlando.org/
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