One Love – The benefits and drawbacks of social media

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April 7, 2016
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October 26, 2016

During the last few weeks, cities around the world have been going through difficult situations, issues related to violence like the terrible and senseless killings in downtown Orlando and Dallas to terrorist attacks in the Middle East. And in all these situations social media has played a very important role in spreading the news in a matter of seconds.  People from different places can connect and share their opinions, grief and support each other on social media.

The downside to the overflow of information is that it’s very hard to filter out biased information from facts.

People are prompt to share their opinions based on articles and social media posts that are written immediately after a tragic event with the sole purpose of attracting visitors and incrementing ad revenue.

It is for this reason that as a social media marketer I want to urge you to think critically and reconsider every piece of information no matter the source. Unscrupulous people are always trying to take advantage of the situation and thinking on how to make money even on behalf other people’s grief.

Be careful not to hurt susceptibilities, from experience I can tell you that no matter how big your hometown is, in social media we are only three to four connections away from people directly affected by an event.

Don’t be quick to take sides, now more than ever with everything that is going on around the world we need to support each other, love one other, and pray for each other.


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