Facebook Advertising: Why Should You Advertise? Because it works!

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November 29, 2015
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April 1, 2016

In the last few months Facebook dramatically improved Custom Audiences, allowing you to use retargeting or target a very specific niche of users that suits your needs. With these new features, advertisers have managed to lower their new customer acquisition cost by as much as 73%. This kind of targeting is so laser-focused that Facebook ads are now a very good solution even for B2B companies, once Facebook advertising’s Achilles’ heel.

To create an ad campaign, go to www.facebook.com/ads/create or by clicking Create Campaign in the top right of Ads Manager. Ad creation takes you through the process of:

Creating your campaign

Choosing your objective

To choose an objective for your ad, go to ad creation and choose an objective from the list.

Naming your campaign

Next to Campaign Name, add a name for your campaign or use the default name that appears.

Creating your ad sets

Choosing your audience

In the ad targeting section, fill out the details of your audience. You can choose audience characteristics such as age, gender, interests and more. Learn about the targeting options available and tips on choosing the audience for your ad.

Setting your budget and ad schedule

In the budget & scheduling section, you can choose a budget and set your ad’s schedule.

Learn about minimum daily budgets and the tools you can use to control your ad budget.

Setting your bid

If you choose, you can set a manual bid by updating the Optimize for and Pricing sections with your preferences.

Learn more about choosing your ad’s bid.

Naming your ad set

Next to Ad Set Name, add a name for your ad set or use the default name that appears.

Creating your ads

Choosing your images

Adding text/links and choosing your ad placements

After choosing your images, you can add text and links to your ad. A character limit will appear when you edit your text to ensure that your audience will be able to see your entire message. Get tips on writing content for your ad.

You can also choose your ad placements, or where your ads appear on Facebook. Under Ad Preview and Placements, select the ad placements you want your ad to appear in. All of the ad placements will be auto-selected, but you can click Remove if there’s a placement you don’t want.

Note: If you’re running ads that aren’t associated with a Facebook Page, you’ll only be able to run ads in the right column of Facebook.

Placing your order and choosing how you want to pay for your ads

When you’re ready, click Place Order to order your ads. The first time you place an order, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information. Learn more about payment options for advertising.

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