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April 1, 2016
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April 7, 2016

So after spending so much time gathering information, taking tons of pictures and paying a website designer to build you a beautiful website, how come people can’t find it?
The key in having a high ranking site lies in carefully optimizing content (SEO – Search Engine Optimization ) on each page or post so that web browsers can categorize it accordingly.

The following are the three main reasons why people can’t find your website and the instructions on how to fix these problems. Follow these tips that will help you optimize your website for search engines and increase the number of visitors or potential customers.

  1. Low word count.
    Word count is king.  Graphic designers tend to focus more on visual elements than content. Therefore, depending on who designs your website, you could end up with a beautiful website that is not ranking anywhere. Search engine crawlers look for items that would help them to organize your content.  Make sure your website has enough written material and to repeat keywords related to your products are services multiple times.  A good rule of thumb is to write at least 300 words per page or post and to mention your brand, services or products, at least four times for every 300 words.
  2. Missing description, title, and header tags.
    Search engine crawlers  (A crawler is a program that visits Web sites and reads their pages and other information in order to create entries for a search engine index) look for tag elements that will help them to organize and pull your content when people search for it.  Make sure also to include one of your keywords in your title every time you can.   If you are a WordPress user, you can take advantage of multiple SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or All in one SEO and type in a description in the Meta Description field.  Your SEO title is that appears when you hover over the tab of your web browser (Fig 1.).


    Fig. 1 (SEO Title)

    Take advantage of the SEO Title by writing multiple focus keywords separated by a vertical slash “|”.  For example: One Green Spider | Website Design | Social Media Marketing.

  3. Not submitting a sitemap of your website to Google.com
    After you finish optimizing your website submit a sitemap of your website to Google. By doing this they will schedule a crawler to visit your website and re-index your content based on the new search engine optimization.  You can create a sitemap file FREE by clicking here.
    After downloading your XML sitemap file upload it to the root folder of your hosting account and submit it to Google by following these instructions:Submit a sitemap to Google Search Console

Good search engine optimization takes time but if you continue adding content to your website following the previous tips your content will start ranking organically on the first pages.

For more information about this or to schedule a consultation please visit my contact page at: http://www.onegreenspider.com/contact-me/

Erix C.


I am an SEO with over 19 years of experience based out of Ocala, FL. My mission is to help businesses increase their online revenue through high-performing digital marketing strategies.